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6SS Autumn term 2013

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Year 6 Spring 2014

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Dear Parents/Guardians,
Happy New Year! Let’s hope that 2014 will be a healthy and happy one.

This term will be a busy one for everyone, especially towards the build up to SATs. We would appreciate all of the support you can give; from making sure that your child attends school and is here on time, to encouraging them to complete their homework.

During the term we will be studying a number of topics:



In literacy we will be focusing on poetry, explanatory and narrative writing, instructions, discussions and journalistic writing.
  • In numeracy we will be covering number, calculations, data handling, shape and space and problem solving which all involve using and applying mathematical skills.

As always we have set curricular targets to help support areas of our literacy and numeracy work. These are:


Must: I can demarcate sentences accurately with full stops, capital letters, question and exclamation marks. (Level 3)

Should: I can demarcate sentences accurately throughout my writing, including question marks, speech marks to denote speech and commas in lists and to mark clauses. (Level 4)

Could: I can use a full range of punctuation accurately to demarcate sentences. (Level 5) 
Extension: I can use punctuation to extend the meaning of my sentences. (Level 5+) 


Must: I can use my knowledge of division to mentally find 50%, 25% and 75% of numbers. (Level 3)

Should: I can use my knowledge of division to mentally find 1%, 5%, 10% and 20% of numbers. (Level 4)

Could: I can use my knowledge of division to mentally find percentages of numbers. (Level 5) 
Extension: I can use my knowledge of division and problem solving to find any percentage from a given percentage. (Level 5+)


Please refer to your child’s home/school contact book over the next week to find their specific target highlighted.



During the spring term the children will be taking part in our cross-curricular topic called Animal Kingdom. This will involve the children studying the habitat and climates that animals live in, issues relating to captivity, in addition to global issues relating to the survival of certain species. We are also going to be using this theme as a focus for our art for the term, where we will be building sculptures of the children’s chosen animal. Our trip to Paignton Zoo in February will support all areas of this topic, allowing the children to interview and discuss issues raised in class with the zoo keepers.


In addition to Animal Kingdom the children will be completing a unit of work called Your Future, Your Choice! This unit is based around introducing our SEAL topic of Going for Goals with the children thinking about their hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future. They will also be exploring the issues of physical and emotional changes that take place as they grow and mature. We will begin by discussing their future relationships and choices as part of our sex and relationships topic in science, with the Life Bus carrying out workshops about decisions relating to drugs, alcohol and peer pressure next week.


Alongside these topics we will also be studying:

·         Beliefs and Action in the World in R.E.

·         How to play netball and badminton.

·         We are continuing to learn how to speak French in E.L.L. with Mrs. Bell.

·         Finally, in S.E.A.L. during the second part of the term the topic is Good to be me!


There are still some spaces left for our annual residential to London. This year we are looking forward to sleeping aboard HMS Belfast which is docked on the River Thames. We will also be visiting the National History Museum, Madame Tussauds, taking a trip on the tube, a boat down the Thames and a ride on the London Eye as well as watching a West End show and having a tour around the Houses of Parliament! However, we need to begin making payments in the near future and so, if you would like your child to go, please make a £20 deposit payment as soon as possible.


Just a last few reminders, at this age children should be reading for 20 minutes every night. We also expect full, named P.E. kit to be in school on a Monday and taken home on a Friday, especially this time of year when the weather is unpredictable so we will carry out P.E. whenever possible. Finally, homework is set on a Friday and is due in on the following Wednesday. Any homework not handed in will result in your child attending homework club on Thursday and Friday lunchtimes to complete it. If your child is having difficulties completing their homework then please encourage them to come and speak to us before the date it is due in.


If you would like to speak with us about the coming term, or any other issues that arise, then please feel free to make an appointment through either the office or your child’s home/school contact book and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Thank you for your continued support,



Mrs. J. Mosley                          Mr. J. Piper & Mrs. E. Bone                               Miss S. Steart

Year 6 Activities - Spring 2013 - Animal Kingdom

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