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Newsletter No. 5 - Autumn Term Dec 2013

posted 3 Dec 2013, 09:12 by Stephen Eccles   [ updated 4 Dec 2013, 08:38 ]

We will inspire lifelong learning in a happy, safe and supportive environment for everyone

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Newsletter No. 5 Autumn Term Dec 2013

Children in Need & Movember 2013

A big thank you to everyone who gave up their time to support Children in Need and Movember, and for taking part in the Charity football match.

Thank you to Mr Slater for refereeing the game, the children from the After School Club for collecting the donations, and to Mrs Perkins for making our Collection Box. We raised £12.00 from the football match and £51.82 for Movember.
On Children In Need day we raised £361.29. The children had a lovely time dressing up in muftie, including pyjamas, onesies and t-shirts displaying Pudsey bear. Parents had been very busy with face paints.
The money raised by Children in Need is used to help disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. Did you know that over the years, Children in Need has distributed more than £690m to charity projects around the country?

Cereal Packet Vouchers
Box Tops Nestle give special vouchers on top of their cereal packets. Just cut them off and send them into school. We can then exchange the box tops for books.

Congratulations Noah Johnson 6SS 

Noah Johnson attended a poetry ceremony from the Rotary Club. He won 2nd Price in the 7-11 category which included all the local schools in the bay.
Well done Noah!

Morrison’s Let’s Grow Gardening Vouchers 

Thank you to all the parents who sent in these vouchers. For every £10.00 spent, the school receives one voucher. We have now ordered some lovely 
gardening equipment.

School Reading Books

If you have any books that belong to school can you please return them, as we seem a little short of some book bands.
A known fact is that one in six adults struggles to read. We don’t want that to be your child in the future.
Please remember to give your child a good start by listening to your child read every day; it does help your child’s progress in learning to read. 5 to 10 minutes reading time a day is all it takes to make a difference to your child’s reading age.

Reading is an essential part of education. We all need this important skill. If you can give your child this extra boost it sets them up for life!

Plant a Tree

We have been given some free hedgerow shrubs. We will be inviting pairs of children to come and plant a tree with a gardener. We have chosen KS2 children to participate.

Torbay Fire Station

Recently, Green Watch from Torbay firestation came to school to visit years 2 and 5. The children learned about the role of a firefighter, the different fires that occur and how to keep safe in a fire. As usual, the highlight of the visit was examining the firefighters uniform and kit. We are very proud of the children as the firefighters said they were particularly well behaved and listened beautifully. What a credit to the school they are!

Thank you to the firefighters for coming to talk to us and helping us to keep safe.

Absence Line
If your child is unwell and will not be attending school, could you please call the absence line before 9am
Absence line tel: - 01803 317930 Text Service: - 01803 500024

Free School Meal Forms

If you think you qualify for free school meals, please let the admin team know. Your child does not need to have a school meal each day in the canteen.

Registering for your child’s free school meal entitlement ensures that the school receives extra money in order to educate your child. The number of children who receive school meals also helps us with the school’s data which is perused by Ofsted and the Local Authority. All information is confidential and if you wish to have a private appointment to give the admin team your FSM information then please ask to speak to Mrs Baker, the School’s Bursar, who will see you privately.

Late Arrivals

Children should be in school at 8:45 am ready to enter school to begin lessons at 8:50 am and they will leave school at 3:10 pm.
If your child is continually late they miss the first lesson and are always having to catch up on their learning. Research states that children who do not attend school regularly do not perform as well at school as their peers. 

Attending school is a legal requirement and you are responsible for ensuring that your child attends school and arrives on time!!!

Avoidable absence in Term – Time

The Law does not say that parents have an automatic right to take their child out of school for holidays during term-time.
However, in exceptional circumstances, schools may authorise, in advance, requests for periods of leave. The request for leave must come from a parent with whom the child normally resides. If a child then stays away from school for more than the authorised period this must be recorded as unauthorised absence and could be quoted in a prosecution for poor attendance. If the child is away from school for a total of four weeks or more, the school may have the option to take the child off roll subject to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulation 2006. In the case of unexpected extended absence, it is advisable that the parent fully informs the school as to the reasons. If a child is removed from roll, there is no guarantee that the child will regain a place at the school.

Christmas Tree Decoration competition for Torbay Schools 

Marldon Christmas Tree Farm has invited all Torbay Primary Schools to enter their free ‘Decorate a Christmas Tree’ competition.
Barton Hill Academy has received a beautiful, “living”, pot-grown Christmas tree. Year 6 has been nominated to design our Christmas tree decorations. The winning school will receive a cheque for £250.00 towards school funds. 
                                                                                                                                                            Good luck!

Disabled Parking Bays

The disabled parking bays at the front of the school are for staff and visitors only.
If you have a child who is disabled and needs assistance entering school, please speak to Mrs Farrell (the Special Needs Co-ordinator).

School Vacancies

We are looking for Mealtime Assistants to join our current team. You will undertake playground duty and supervise and play with the children. You will work for 5 hours per week from 12.00 to 1pm, 38 weeks per year - £6.44 per hour. Please apply online at or if you do not have internet access please ask at the school office for an application form.

Autumn Term 2013

Friday 20th December 2013 – 3:10 pm, 

Term ends for Christmas Holidays